Paddy McGrath

Education Technology Strategist

International conference speaker, workshop leader, panelist, podcaster, blogger and change maker. Passionate and enthusiastic about the impact technology can make on teaching and learning, with a focus on inclusion and equity of access.


Patrick is currently Head of Education Strategy at Texthelp - the global leader in specialist accessibility solutions. An experienced and passionate educator, and a self-confessed ‘change-maker’, Patrick is responsible for evangelising the impact that technology can deliver to teaching and learning across primary, secondary and third level education and has a particular interest in inclusion and equity for all.

Patrick has worked with education ministries delivering country scale projects and over 3600 individual schools and colleges, impacting over 500,000 pupils across the UK, Europe Middle East and Africa by helping facilitate the vision and plan for successful technology integration into the classroom. Embracing multiple platforms, Patrick has designed both practical and curriculum focused programmes from small-scale pilots to many global large-scale accessibility, inclusion, and device programmes. Focusing on the wider vision, building capacity in leadership and management, scaffolding teachers and empowering pupils, his specialism is in presenting engaging and dynamic workshops and seminars that deliver meaningful and practical advice to educators - all underpinned with sound teaching and learning approaches and evidenced by good practice.

Patrick is an accomplished and sought-after keynote speaker, experienced in delivery to audiences of one to several thousand across the globe. His experience extends to regular podcast presenting, writing regular blogs and columns on key education websites and publications and is a skilled panel chair and contributor. Patrick enjoys a dedicated and enthusiastic social media following.

An Apple Education Mentor and Google Certified Educator and Trainer, Patrick has received the UK Digital Leader 100 and an Honorary Fellowship of the University of Ulster (School of Education).

Reference articles and a list of recent seminars are available on request.

What people say

"One of the most engaging speakers I've ever heard. A perfect mix of passion, comedy and theory"

"I'd sum Patricks talks up in three words. Powerful, Passionate and Infectious. He has the ability to hold and enthuse an entire room."

"Thank you so much for an amazing workshop. I am not very computer savvy and you made thing look easy, this and the fact what you were able to do was amazing. I am so excited to share this with the department! Thank you again for your time and this amazing hour of teaching and learning."

"Wow, changed my perspective/understanding and will influence my teaching"

"Patrick's session was a total game changer for me. Eyes now wide open to how I can change"

"Patrick's Iceberg session stood out as the best and most useful delivery on the day by far"

About Texthelp

At Texthelp, we want to help everyone understand and be understood. To do this, we provide a range of software tools to enable and support every level of student to succeed and excel with reading, writing, maths and science. We also help teachers deliver inclusive learning experiences, be more productive and provide automated and qualitative assessment tools.

Our flagship product, Read&Write provides a comprehensive set of features to increase levels of reading, writing, comprehension and study right across the school. OrbitNote answers every classroom PDF challenge by providing tools to annotate, access, complete and engage with PDF worksheets, papers and learning material. EquatIO is an intuitive way to integrate technology into the maths classroom – allowing students to explore, express and engage with maths like never before on digital devices. With WriQ we help automate assessment of writing - saving time, reducing subjectivity and tracking writing progress.

In use by over 50 million users around the world, Texthelp products integrate seamlessly into G Suite for Education, Microsoft Word, the web, mobile and virtually every LMS.
The Texthelp family now extends to offices across the globe with Claro, The Lingit Group, Wizkids and Don Johnston Inc products supported by over 350 Texthelpers every day.

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